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Review: Het Graanpakhuis & Bellini in Vijfhuizen

On Thursday 24 June it was super nice weather and I was with my colleagues in Vijfhuizen for a work meeting. We decided to have a drink & dinner at ”Het Graanpakhuis”.

A cozy restaurant with a homely atmosphere. On the menu we saw Bellini & Belli•no. We asked the staff ”what is Bellini?”. She told us that Bellini is a new unique peach cocktail from Italy. This is not the Bellini how we know it from the recipes on the internet but a ready-made cocktail that you can drink at any occasion. And if you don’t feel like drinking alcohol there is also a non-alcoholic variant (the Belli•no). We decided to try this and started our dinner with a glass of Bellini. This was presented in a beautiful champagne glass, and was really delicious.

What a great start to your dinner. A fresh, fruity and delicious cocktail. This is what we wanted more of. We asked the staff, is this also for sale? It will soon be available to order in the Netherlands via Bellini.World.

We highly recommend starting your dinner with a Bellini or Belli•no. But it’s also great on a summer day on the beach or in your garden with friends. We are going to drink this more often!

Below are some atmospheric photos of the location and the Bellini.

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