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Launching Event 14 July

A lovely afternoon on a boat, sipping a tingly fresh cocktail, with as background the beauty of the Amsterdam canals. We came up with an interesting and original program, in which drinking the Bellini on the boat was of course the highlight. In addition to the substantive program, the entourage and presentation are also an important part of the experience. Our guests had to feel welcome and of course experience Bellini in its entirety. The entire presentation of the event had a premium look, but not overdone. Small scale, conviviality, hospitality were the core values ​​this day. Our special guests were personally received and introduced to the story behind Bellini’s origin and taste. Delicious snacks were provided, including our olive oil from Monte Vibiano and deliciously cooled bottles of Bellini or Bellino. The event was a great success thanks to the team, Bengelmedia and all the guests. We are looking forward to accommodate more people at our future events.


Gasten bij het evenement

Round 1:

Lise Steegmans, content writer Mediahuis +

Steffen van Beek from Foodclicks.

Marieke ’t Hart, editor-in-chief of VROUW/ Telegraaf.

Sabine Leenhouts, coordinator, creative & journalist VROUW.

Eline Heeres editor-in-chief of Ladify.

Ellen Veltman Freelance journalist from Ladify

Bob de Meulmeester from Fullscreenmedia,, Meervoormannen

Tessa Leenders from Fullscreenmedia,, Meervoormannen

Round 2:

Marijn Post from Ramijntje.

Daykota Dee founder of Poppy The Label.

Martine Schrier Social Media & Community Manager at Flink.

Jolene-Jane from Bestofjay.

Karine Bloem from The Digitalistas.

Linsey Vosman from Wijnfluencer.

Ester Lancee from Winefluencer.

Stefanie from The Daily Dutchy.

Be sure to checkout our story button on Instagram for all experience posts made by our special guests!

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