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Bellini FCN Limited Offer

fCN member Martijn van der Ven presented his Bellini & Bellino! The bottled Bellini is made from Moscatel sparkling wine, combined with peaches from Italy. The Bellino is the non-alcoholic version of the delicious cocktail, consisting of muscatel grape must with peaches. These fresh and sparkling cocktails are ideal as an aperitif, for example during a brunch! Both the Bellini and Bellino are 100% vegan and the Bellino is even halal!

Ready to enjoy your Bellini during the holidays? There is a wonderful promotion especially for fCN members! Use code fCN2021 at checkout and receive a 15% discount on your order from a purchase of two bottles.

Tip: A cocktail glass, Bellini & Gin = party time!

Read the Quote article by fCN founder Merlin Melles.

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